Let Me Tell You What to Listen to

Let this serve as the first of many music recommendations to come. Now, because we're headed into winter, I'll list a few songs you can listen to while driving in the rain or pounding Hot Toddys before your company's raucous holiday party.

                    Arist / Song Title / Goes well with

  1. COIN - Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel)  -> Driving. Blasting heater with windows down
  2. Swimwear - Nowhere to Run -> Attempting to initiate awkward dance party
  3. Grouplove - Ways to Go -> Showing off your rollerblading skills in public
  4. The 2 Bears - Warm & Easy -> Showing everyone how strange & alternative ya are
  5. La Yanta - Chacarron...Macarron -> Getting weird in the car with someone ya fancy
  6. Feder Universe - SIXTO -> Trying to dance while seated at your desk
  7. Pale - Fearing Faces -> Baby making
  8. The Lumineers - This Must Be The Place -> Games & singing along by the fire
  9. Poolside - Harvest Moon -> Just about anything
  10. Listen below. -> initiating a room wide dance-off with elders at co. holiday party

If a link wasn't provided, the track's available on Spotify (you...have Spotify, right?!).

Now, on with you and your biddings.